Welcome to Samara Pacific lodge, Playa Samara, Guanacaste, costa Rica

Our Actions for the Sustainability

We are investing in the technology and are getting our supplies for green products according to our philosophy.



Immersed in the forest, we are trying to keep things… natural..

We have replaced many conventional cleaning products by organic degradable products made from natural raw materials of green and organic origin and that don’t contain dangerous chemical products, that way it doesn’t ruin our ecosystem.


An action for the planet.

Water is a precious element that is getting more and rarer. Water consummation isn’t stopping to increase while available resources aren’t, or in danger of disappear. It is then very important to preserve freshwater, meaning of life.
Salvage water will be used as domestic uses like for the laundry. Then, the rain water recuperated doesn’t need to be drinkable. This ecologic action will permit to reduce drinkable water consummation.
In the same mind of reduction of water consummation, we have equipped all our toilets of reductive water consummation system.


Getting a “responsible garden”

We are taking care of our garden without using any chemical products. We are recycling our green wastes of the garden by using composting process. This is a process of transformation of organic wastes in a rich compost of high quality and 100% natural. It lighten the soil and permit fertilizer, compost and water savings. Composting permit to reduce the waste and to avoid transportation to clear them.


How our food will make your stay an unforgettable experience? The “garden products” are on the menu.

We are promoting the local economic development and that’s why we are working with local farmers and fishermen, that assure us a remarkable freshness for each products, in order to concoct you a great cooking with seasonal ingredients.
In our garden, we also have fruit trees that, depending on the seasons, will brighten up your plates. The compost provided to our plants all the nutrients they need without any complements.


Let us make you discover the nature.

We are inviting you to visit our garden and discover a sample of the different varieties of plants thanks to descriptive signs placed at the base of the plants.



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