Welcome to Samara Pacific lodge, Playa Samara, Guanacaste, costa Rica

Our Sociocultural Actions

Integrating the local community in our action plan for the sustainable development is obviousness for us. That’s why we are buying local products and are aware of the wellbeing of the community.



Tasty ingredients & Soft bath products.

As much as possible we are promoting the purchase of products near you. A big part of our products are coming from local producers. Fish and lobsters that we are serving are caught by local fishermen.

Also, you can enjoy our bath products 100% from Costa Rica and 100% biodegradable, using resistant containers in order to be use multiple times. This realization doesn’t need of a transformation process of the products to save a lot of energy. It is a practice more ecologic, economic, clean and simple.


Access to quality education that can change lives and transform a country.

CREAR is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create and strengthen environmental and social awareness among students through community projects and educational activities, where the youth of Sámara can explore these educational interests through artistic initiatives and creative education, and in this way develop useful skills for the future and thus expand employment opportunities.

Crear is constantly improving for communities. The proximity of Playa Sámara and the surrounding areas makes it possible to reach many groups of people, which offers endless possibilities to continue to play a catalytic role towards a better future for all.

You also contribute to the improvement and evolution of local communities and help them achieve their goals!


Learn to be part of the solution to environmental problems for our well-being and future generations.

More than just support the association CREAR, your donations are contributing also to efforts of preservation, research and environmental education of ASVO (Association of Volunteers for the Service of Protected areas). This local organization is working for the protection and the conservation of protected areas, beaches and communities of Costa Rica.

Especially with the station of conservation and protection of sea turtles of the Buenavista beach, located at 1km of our hotel. It is receiving regularly visit of local or international volunteers who participate to reforestation and the cleaning of wastes in green areas, rivers and coastlines.

Be a part of the adoption of baby turtles program, this is a program that has as a goal to collect funds for the financing of the association of protection of sea turtles. We are estimating that on 1000 turtles babies only one will reach to adulthood.

With your help it can change!! Adopt a baby turtle now!!!

During the adoption you will obtain pictures of the baby turtle launch and a certificate of sponsorship from ASVO, A financial report on the money raised and its use.




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